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(Written or co-written by Becca in fuchsia)

::: 2022 :::

Becca Stevens & Attacca Quartet  /  Becca Stevens & Attacca Quartet (GroundUP) 

I Wanna Be With You  /  Steel House 

Live At The Capitol Theatre  /  David Crosby's Light House Band (BMG) 

Hold the Light  /  The New Resistance  /  "Inner Sanctum"  /  Robert Mitchell (Bucks Records) 

SHIFT "The Bucket"  / Antonio Sánchez (Warner Music Germany) 

Nearsided  /  "Portalegre" /  Nathan Schram (Better Company Records) 

Just One Voice  /  "Black Night"  /  Michelle Willis (GroundUP) 

Jacob's Ladder  /  "Herr und Knecht", "(Entr'acte) Glam Perfume", "Cogs in Cogs, Pt. II: Song", "Jacob's Ladder, Pt. I: Liturgy",  "Jacob's Ladder, Pt. III: Ladder", "Heaven: I All Once" /  Brad Mehldau (Nonesuch)

Hall Of Mirrors  /  "If"  /  Catey Esler

::: 2021 :::

Becca Stevens & The Secret Trio  /  Becca Stevens & The Secret Trio (GroundUP) 

Mirrors  /  Mirrors (GroundUP) 

Tree Falls  /  "Listen In", "Play With Me", "Accidentally", "Plane Over Kansas"  /  Taylor Eigsti (GSI)

Otellibrium (Gizmo Birth Canal Mix)  /  FORQ (Remix by Becca Stevens and Nathan Schram) (GroundUP) 

Palabras Urgentes  /  "Juana Azurduy"  /  Susana Baca (Real World)

For Free  /  "Rodriguez for a Night"  /  David Crosby (BMG)

What To Wear in the Dark  /  "On the Road to Find Out"  /  Kate McGarry + Keith Ganz Ensemble (Resilience Music Alliance)

Love Covers, Vol. 1  /  "You Give Love A Bad Name"  (W Songs)

::: 2020 :::

WONDERBLOOM  /  Becca Stevens  (GroundUP) 

Pallet On Your Floor  /  Elan Mehler and Becca Stevens  (Newvelle Records) 

Djesse Vol. 3  /  "Sleeping On My Dreams", "Light It Up On Me", "He Wont Hold You"  /  Jacob Collier  (Universal) 

Perspectives & Avatars  /  "The W Word"  /  Laura Perrudin  (Laurent Carrier Diffusion)

Carolina  /  "Carolina"  /  Steve Bailey  (Treehouse Records)

On Your Face (Keep the Mask On)  /  James Shipp 

Between Me & You  /  Hagleslag feat. Becca Stevens 

Kidz These Daze  /  "Fall"  /  Casey & the Comrades 

Resilience  / "Push/Pull" /  Jesse Fischer  (Soul Cycle Music)

ONA / "He Said She Said" /  Thana Alexa  (self)

Carry you  / "Carry You" /  Antonio Lizana  (Warner Music Spain)

Favours  / "Mitred Sun" /  Wolff Parkinson White (self)

Lagos Pepper Soup  /  "Home True"  /  Michael Olatuja  (Whirlwind Recordings)

Dressed In A Song  /  "The Last Muse"  /  JD Walter  (JWAL Records)

::: 2019 :::

The Heart's Necessities  /  Becca Stevens and Jane Tyson Clement (Plough Publishing) 

Djesse, Vol. 2   /  "I Heard You Singing"  /  Jacob Collier (Universal) 

Terra Firma   /  "When I Go"  /  Oli Rockberger  (Human Static Records)

Heartcore For India   /  "Gamaya"  /  Kurt Rosenwinkel (Heartcore) 

Love Remains  / "Love Remains/  Tal Wilkenfeld (BMG) 

Oak And The Ghost  /  "Oak and the Ghost", "Black Well"  /  Nathan Schram (New Amsterdam) 

By Fire EP  /  "Sick Talk" /  Kneebody (Edition)

Chapters  /  "Wounds Let In The Light"  /  Kneebody (Edition)

Finding Gabriel  /  "The Garden", "Striving After Wind", "Make It All Go Away", "Deep Water", "Proverb of Ashes" /  Brad Mehldau (Nonesuch) 

Work Songs  /  Timo Andres (New Amsterdam / Nonesuch) 

Steve Haines and the Third Floor Orchestra  /  "No More", "Canyon Dust"  /  Steve Haines  (Justin Time Records) 

::: 2018 :::

Here if you Listen  /  David Crosby's Light House Band  (BMG) 

Light of Love  /  "Too Late"  /  Kaveh Rastegar  (Ropeadope) 

Roots and Branches  /  "Highway 66"  /  Darryl Holter  

Tribus  /  "You Know It"  /  Sirintip  (GroundUP) 

From The Wild Sky   /  "Wild Birds"  /  Halie Loren  (Justin Time Records) 

::: 2017 :::

Regina  Becca Stevens  (GroundUP) 

Bathtub / "Bathtub"  /  Jacob Collier & Becca Stevens  (self)

Sky Trails   "Sky Trails"  /  David Crosby  (BMG)

Midnight Sun  /  Chris Tordini  (Newvelle Records)

::: 2016 :::

Family Dinner, Vol. 2  / "I Asked", "Be Still" /  Snarky Puppy  (Ground Up)

Lighthouse / "By the Light of Common Day" /  David Crosby  (GroundUP)

Tillery / Tillery (Rebecca Martin, Gretchen Parlato & Becca Stevens) (self)

Song of Lahore / "Man In The Mirror" / The Sachal Ensemble  (Universal Classics) 

Disappearing Day / "Wish You With Me" /  Peter Eldridge  (Sunnyside) 

Answer July / "Answer July"  /  Senri Oe  (PND Records) 

::: 2015 :::

Perfect Animal   /  Becca Stevens Band  (Universal Classics) 

Tea Bye Sea  ('08 remix/remaster + bonus tracks)  /  Becca Stevens Band  (Core Port)

Send One Your Love  /  "Detour Ahead", "Waltz No. 1"  /  New West Guitar Group  (Summit Records)

Portraits  /  Guilhem Flouzat  (Sunnyside)

Sacred Feast  /  Thomas Bergeron  (self)

South Winds Jostle  /  Ben Seawell  (self)

Follow Now the Shining Light  /  Believe: The Musical  (self)

::: 2014 :::

Map to the Treasure - Reimagining Laura Nyro  /  "The Confession"  /  Billy Childs  (Sony Masterworks)

While You Were Sleeping  /  "Dragon"  /  José James  (Blue Note)

The Imagined Savior is Far Easier to Paint  /  "Our Basement (Ed)"  /  Ambrose Akinmusire  (Blue Note)

Vienna, World  /  Wolfgang Muthspiel  (Material Records)

MOBRO  /  John Ellis  (Parade Light Records)

Lighthouse  /  Gideon Van Gelder  (Rosen Records)

::: 2013 :::

Flora  /  Aya Nishina (Tzadik) 

I’ll Take My Chances  /  "Prelude To A Kiss"  /  Dayna Stephens  (Criss Cross Jazz)

I Go Humble  /  Travis Sullivan's Björkestra  (Zoho)

Between The Lights  /  Levin Deger  (Material Records)

Sly Gazabo E.P.  /  Archie Pelago  (Archie Pelago Music) 

::: 2012 :::

Radio Music Society  /  Esperanza Spalding (Heads Up International)

HOME Gift of Music (Japan Earthquake &Tsunami Relief)  /  "Coming Home",  "Tillery"  /  (Sunnyside)

My Life is Bold  /  "Who Am I?", "Orca Trapped in an Aquarium", "The Batman in the Future" / A benefit for "Arts For Life"  (Sunnyside)

::: 2011 :::

Weightless  /  Becca Stevens Band  (Sunnyside)

Strip the Lanterns  /  Alec Gross  (Solebury Mountain Music)

Community Immunity  /  Curtis Macdonald  (Greenleaf Music)

::: 2010 :::

Daylight at Midnight  /  "Midnight Afternoon", "Magnolia"  /  Taylor Eigsti  (Concord) 

Perpetual  /  Gideon Van Gelder  (Kindred Spirits)

Half Seas Over   /  Half Seas Over  (Brownswood)

City Lake  /  Bing & Ruth  (Happy Talk)

::: 2009 :::

Is This Tomorrow  /  The Henrys  (Unrefinedsugarbeats)

The After Suite  /  The Elan Mehler Group  (Brownswood)

::: 2008 :::

Tea Bye Sea  /  Becca Stevens Band  (self)

Enjoy!  /  Travis Sullivan's Björkestra  (Koch)

Layer’s of Chance  /  Dapp Theory  (ObliqSound)

Words Project II   /  Sam Sadigursky  (New Amsterdam)

::: 2007 :::

Shock Value: Live at Smoke  /  "Cause (Live)"  /  Jeremy Pelt & Wired   (Max Jazz) 

When You’re There   /  "Gathered Impression"  Frank LoCrasto  (Max Jazz) 

The Words Project  /  Sam Sadigursky  (New Amsterdam)

Electric City   /  Solos Unit  (self)

::: 1990 :::

Too Cute To Spank  /  The Tune Mammals  (self)

::: 1987 :::

No Bath Today  /  The Tune Mammals  (self) 



Cover Art  /  NEXT Collective - "Weightless" (Concord Jazz)

When Petals Fall   /  Hibakusha Stories - "Love" 

White Radio  /  Jazz The New Chapter  - "Weightless"

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