Music & lyrics by Becca Stevens  


I wish I could shut down like you  

I’m fallin’ apart from what you put me through  

I wish I could shut it all off like you  

I’m losin’ it from the fear of losing you,


So Please! Please love me

Please! Please love me


I wish I could take off like you  

I’m losin’ my head but it means nothing to you  

I wish I could steady my heart like you  

I’m nothin’ without your love to get me through  

So, please baby c’mon and love me


Please baby, c’mon love me...

Please baby c’mon love me, now! 


How can I show what’s breakin’ in my heart  

When every time I try you fall apart?  

There’s nothin’ I can do when you get that way  

So tell me  

Please baby, c’mon love me

Please baby, c’mon love me

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