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UNDERRATED: Becca Stevens Something akin to the jazz-pop vocal muse of 2014, with stunning cameos on albums by José James, Ambrose Akinmusire and Billy Childs’ lovely Laura Nyro tribute, “Map to the Treasure,” Stevens steps into the spotlight with the coming album “Perfect Animal.” At times resembling a more folk-tinged St. Vincent, Stevens offers richly twisted originals alongside covers of Frank Ocean, Usher and Steve Winwood. (She performs Thursday at the Bootleg Theater.)

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"Imperfect Animals" Premiere on Wondering Sound!


Becca Stevens Band’s “Imperfect Animals” is an intimate rumination on our inability to be everything to everyone, all the time. “I wanna leave you/ time/ plenty of space so that I’m/ still a muse when you write,” Stevens sings at the song’s start; but she also wants to be a good mother and “the perfect counterpart,” as well as someone who’s lighthearted and patient. The song’s jagged edges — low, scratchy guitars, jerky time signatures — complement the complicated ideals and realities she’s grappling with: “I’m trying/ trying to understand what makes us how we are/ take the hurting as a learning part/ imperfection is a perfect place to start.” Overall the track has a mechanical, industrial feel, but Stevens’s band also uses smooth elements of jazz and folk, evoking similarly hybrid artists like Buke and Gase and Ani DiFranco. Her new album, Perfect Animal, is out November 4.

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"Perfect Animal" Preview on Next Bop!


Stop what you’re doing - Becca Stevens recently announced the fall release of her new album, Perfect Animal. Becca Stevens’ Weightless is one of those rare albums that can bring you to tears. Stevens’ voice is seemingly capable of anything she’d like it to do, and she has put together a band that more than does service to her songs. She works with both her original songs and great arrangements of unexpected songs (Weightless included tunes like Animal Collective’s “All My Girls” and Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose”), pulling up unexpected elements from the songs and making something magical. And that’s the right word - her music is so good that you don’t want to over-think it - it’s magical. There aren’t too many magical artists out there. Since releasing Weightless in 2011, Stevens has appeared on José James’ and Ambrose Akinmusire’s recent albums, and she is also part of Tillery, with Gretchen Parlato and Rebecca Martin…

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Here is a video EPK about our new record  Perfect Animal

"Making of…" Interview on Pledge Music

Read an interview with Becca on the making of “Perfect Animal”:

Unless you’re an artist, it’s easy to forget just how much work goes into each new record. Indie songstress Becca Stevens is bringing fans her new album, “Perfect Animal,” after spending a year recording it, even taking an active role in the production and engineering processes, touring the world when not in the studio to help offset the cost and spending weeks in the studio recording all of her vocal parts.

Though the title of her album may lead you to believe it’s about perfection, Stevens explains in our exclusive interview that, in fact, the opposite is true. Get the artist’s take on her new project right here and then be sure to check out her campaign page to pre-order the album and get in on more exclusive content.

I shared my track “The Confession” yesterday (see below post), but today I wanted to share the making of video that gives some background into Billy Childs’ vision for this beautiful record:

The Making of “Map to the Treasure: Reimagining Laura Nyro”

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