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1. I WISH (2:52) 

Lyrics & music by Becca Stevens  

Co-arranged by Nic Hard  

Becca Stevens - guitar, hammertone, programming, vocals   

Cory Wong - guitar  

Justin Stanton - synth bass, keys 

Michael League - electric bass  

Jordan Perlson - drums   

Nate Werth - “kitchen sink”  

Marcelo Woloski - Caxixi 

Keita Ogawa - Angklung


2. BETWEEN ME & YOU (3:21) 

Lyrics by Becca Stevens  

Music by Becca Stevens & Justin Berger  

Co-arranged by Nic Hard  


Becca Stevens - guitars, programming, vocals 

Justin Berger - guitars 

Michelle Willis - keys 

Nic Hard - guitar solo, programming 

Chris Tordini - bass  

Jordan Perlson - drums  

Nate Werth & Keita Ogawa - thunder drum  

Marcelo Woloski - clay drum  



3. I WILL AVENGE YOU (3:46) 

Lyrics & music by Becca Stevens  

Inspired by the pilot for “In The Dark” 

Co-arranged by Nic Hard  


Becca Stevens - guitar, vocals  

Ryan Scott - guitar, bass  

Nathan Schram - violin, viola  

Hamilton Berry - cello 

Justin Stanton - synth bass  

Jordan Perlson - drums & percussion  

Nic Hard - tubular bells, programming  



4. GOOD STUFF (3:36) 

Lyrics & music by Becca Stevens & Kaveh Rastegar  

Co-arranged by Nic Hard  

Becca Stevens - bass & keys programming, claps, vocals 

Michael Mayo - claps, vocals 

Bobby Sparks - Melotron, Solina, Clavinet, Rhodes 

Jeff Babko - Prophet 

Liam Robinson - Wurlitzer  

Joshua Lopez - guitar  

Kaveh Rastegar - bass  

Jordan Perlson - drums 

Nic Hard - shaker, claps, keyboard programming   

Eric Lense - claps 

Lenny Falwell - claps 



5. HALFWAY (4:28) 

Lyrics by Becca Stevens & Talia Billig  

Music by Becca Stevens, Talia Billig, & Jacob Bergson 

Co-arranged by Nic Hard  


Becca Stevens - drum programming, charango, vocals 

Laura Perrudin - harp (effects, percussion & programming), vocals  

Michelle Willis - Juno  

Liam Robinson - Rhodes, Arp Omni  

Bill Stevens - B3 solo  

Justin Stanton- Animoog keys 

Jordan Perlson - triangle  

Chris Tordini - electric, upright, and synth basses 

Nic Hard - drum & keyboard programming 


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